#5 Freestanding Rail and Fold Down Seat We took away the challenge of finding a load bearing wall and suitable location for the customer.  Basically, the elevator with the freestanding rail option can be located virtually anywhere in the home. It simply attaches to the bottom floor, mid-level floor joist & ceiling rafters. Easy to […]


This week’s blog will be slightly shorter than usual.  There is so much information already on our website and social media. If you have followed the company for a while, you will have seen it.  We hope you are keeping up to date with all these blogs.  Only a few more weeks until the big […]

SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown to NAEC (07/28/17)

The last two week’s posts have highlighted a brand new innovation and a product you might now have known we manufacture.  The first week gave you a first-hand look at our new automatic power folding rail for our Legacy Stairlifts.  the second week featured the ONLY battery powered residential elevator.  We encourage you to view […]

SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown to NAEC (07/21/17)

If you missed last week’s post, we kicked off our top ten countdown to NAEC!  We introduced our new automatic power folding rail that has the lowest price in the industry.  It eliminates tripping hazards and solves space issues.  This week’s featured product is our residential elevator. #9 – Indusry’s ONLY Battery Powered Residential Elevator […]

SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown To NAEC (07/14/17)

Over the next 9 weeks, we will be introducing new products, innovations, and features that we have released the past six months.  This is all leading up to a product release at NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) that we believe will be one of the most innovative new products ever introduced at the show! […]