SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown to NAEC (07/28/17)

The last two week’s posts have highlighted a brand new innovation and a product you might now have known we manufacture.  The first week gave you a first-hand look at our new automatic power folding rail for our Legacy Stairlifts.  the second week featured the ONLY battery powered residential elevator.  We encourage you to view both on our products page and to also check previous blog posts.

#7 Battery Powered Dumbwaiter

Staying Home Corp has an amazing lineup of products, yet most don’t know about our dumbwaiter.  The Hide-A-Waiter is our version of the dumbwaiter, but it stands out more than most.  It is the only battery powered dumbwaiter in the industry.  It comes with a 2 amp charger, which means it does not need a dedicated circuit, machine room, or even special wiring.  All of this will save customers and installers money.

Not only is the Hide-A-Waiter power saving and budget friendly, it is a quality machine.  The cab comes in many size configurations and stands up to rust all because we do not paint the outside, we powder coat it.  We  also offer a stainless steel option for the interior of the cab, which is good for users in the food industry.


Proven reliable, our rack and pinion drive can take the cab up to 4 stops and we provide an aluminum rail, not a steel T-rail.  The aluminum is much lighter, which makes it easier to install, especially if there are no pulleys or cables to fuss with.  We also provide 2 Honeywell interlocks and 2 call/send stations.