SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown to NAEC (07/21/17)

If you missed last week’s post, we kicked off our top ten countdown to NAEC!  We introduced our new automatic power folding rail that has the lowest price in the industry.  It eliminates tripping hazards and solves space issues.  This week’s featured product is our residential elevator.

#9 – Indusry’s ONLY Battery Powered Residential Elevator

Did you know that Staying Home Corp manufactures residential elevators?  In fact, it really is the industry’s ONLY battery powered residential elevator. This eliminates concerns regarding power outages, as the unit can run multiple trips (10+) on its own batteries.  That is going BOTH up and down.  Special wiring, elevator pits, and machine rooms are no longer needed.

Designed to meet ASME standards, this unit is compact enough to go into most homes and the open-view design allows users to see out at all times. It also features a sliding door which eliminates a need for “swing out” space and installs against any wall, even non-load bearing walls.  It can easily accommodate small wheel chairs, transport chairs, or walkers.  Consumers can choose from a hoistway or no-hoistway model.  For clarification, an elevator with a hoistway is like an elevator you would see in a commercial building.  It has an enclosure around the unit, which means the cab is unseen when going up or down.  However, on our hoistways you CAN see thru the hoistway. The no-hoistway option does not have an enclosure around the elevator, yet has sufficient safety devices above and below to keep you safe.

On the left is our no-hoistway elevator and the right highlights our hoistway.

This elevator provides a solution when stairs may become a challenge.  It also adds value to your home all while being surprisingly affordable.  Stay in the home you love and no longer worry about having to move or sell.