SHC’S TOP TEN Countdown To NAEC (07/14/17)

Over the next 9 weeks, we will be introducing new products, innovations, and features that we have released the past six months.  This is all leading up to a product release at NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) that we believe will be one of the most innovative new products ever introduced at the show!

It is our hope you will follow our weekly updates as we detail the innovations being brought to market.

#10 – Lowest Price Power Fold In Industry


This week’s new option is our brand new automatic power folding rail for our indoor stairlifts  It eliminates any possible tripping hazard or space issues that may have occurred with our standard rail.

Below is a short list of additional features

  • Units have a continuous battery charge system via the travel cable throughout the entire travel of the lift when the lift is traveling.
  • Folding rails can be custom cut, at the top, in the field.
  • This is an automatic power fold and requires no additional power.

Note: This folding rail option is not retrofittable on existing units or rails

We hope you come back every week for new information about our products.