This week’s blog will be slightly shorter than usual.  There is so much information already on our website and social media. If you have followed the company for a while, you will have seen it.  We hope you are keeping up to date with all these blogs.  Only a few more weeks until the big NAEC Show!

#6 Bullet Proof Safe Room Doubles as Storm Shelter

We often talk and advertise our shelters as being for storms, but it also has another function. It also serves as a safe room that protects from intruders.  It’s all because we have a standard and military grade ballistic steel.  If claustrophobic, we also manufacture the only safe room with a bulletproof window.  This is why so many schools have already installed them in their facilities.

Whether a folding, stationary, or corner design, all our shelters meet FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 codes.  They were even tested at the National Wind Institute & Texas Tech University.  Our units sit above ground, which prevents drowning hazards that a below-ground shelter may have.  Although above ground, it resists 45,000 pounds of lifting force and is made of quarter inch thick steel that will prevent anything from falling into the shelter.

Stationary Unit with Window

This dual functionality is why schools and home owners choose Hide-Away shelters for their protection needs.  We are very proud of this product and the safety it provides.  Here are some helpful links about shelters and the news pieces done about our shelters.

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