Hide-Away Storm Shelter – Stationary

The stationary Hide-Away® storm shelter/safe room gives people an economical way to protect themselves from dangerous storms. Unlike below-ground units, this above-ground unit does not present a drowning hazard in the event of heavy rains. It anchors to a concrete slab with heavy-duty grade anchors capable of withstanding 45,000 lbs of lifting force – the strongest possible from a tornado. It is made of quarter inch thick, high grade steel, with structural supports capable of protecting the inhabitants from falling, or flying, heavy debris such as trees, roofs, bricks, block and more.The door features three bolt-action locks that can be opened from inside, or outside. Each bolt is one inch diameter for the utmost in security. The massive hinges are designed to withstand extremely heavy pressure without bending and locking up. The door itself weighs 300lbs for the ultimate in safety, but swings open and closed with great ease.The Hide-Away ships on a skid, unassembled, to save on freight. An authorized dealer in your area provides professional installation.

Safe: The Hide-Away® is tested to withstand an F5 tornado, by the National Wind Institute (NWI), the official FEMA testing authority, and formerly the Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center (WiSE).

Stationary Shelter

Shown with optional Vision Panel.


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The Hide-Away Storm Shelter was tested at the Texas Tech University Wind Science & Engineering Research Center (WiSE) to withstand Debris Impact per the design criteria of the ICC 500 “ICC/NSSA Standard For The Design and Construction of Storm Shelters”, FEMA 320 “Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business”, and FEMA 361 “Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms” Guidelines. The test included multiple impacts by a 15 lb. wood 2″x4″ propelled at 100 mph for horizontal impacts as produced by a missile propelled horizontally by a 250 mph ground speed tornado. The maximum resultant deflection imposed on the Hide-Away Storm Shelter was a 3/4 inch deflection. The testing criteria allows a maximum deflection of 3 inches.This test was conducted at the WiSE Facility by Mr. Larry Tanner, P.E., Research Associate Manager, Debris Impact Test Facility on April 5, 2013. See the testing video below: