Staying Home Corporation (SHC), is a unique company, located in Harrisonville, Missouri, about 25 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri.  We focus on designing innovative products and services for the “aging in place” to enable them to safely stay in the homes they have grown to love for as long as possible. That goal has been expanded to include making all homes, schools and workplaces safer with our tornado shelters and safe-rooms.

The intent is to do this in a manner that reflects a time when companies considered customers, employees, and the surrounding community as invaluable assets. It means doing some things in ways others have abandoned:

  • Making everything in the heart of the U.S.A.
  • Donating 10% of all profits to charity.
  • Structuring the company so it cannot be sold.Ownership will be turned over to the employees so they can par­ticipate in the American dream and have a more secure future.
  • Answering phones with people instead of computers.

Staying Home is an effort to create an environment where relationships with people – whether customers or associates – are a higher priority than the dollar. Meeting the needs of others, providing a place to work an honest job for a decent wage, and realizing people are the foundation for a company’s success are core values of SHC.

Thank you for considering Staying Home Corporation.  We hope you will continue to watch for new and innovative products coming your way in the near future.  If the old saying is true, “home is where the heart is”, let us help you stay there as long as possible. God bless.

Mike Vogt, President – Staying Home Corporation

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