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Indulging in weed can be fun and beneficial to an individual. However, at times one may desire to be free of it or circumstances such as an impending drug test can force one to detox their system. Researchers indicate that when an individual consumes marijuana, the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for making a person high increases in the bloodstream and its effects lasts for about seven days. One can successfully get rid of marijuana through various ways.

Exercising helps with detoxing. Exercise is an essential physical activity in boosting one’s metabolism, burning of fat cells and eliminating toxins from the body. Through exercise, metabolism increases leading to the breaking down of fat cells where THC is stored, subsequently getting rid of it. Drinking of high amounts of water also helps to detox the body off the weed. Medical experts contend that the body eliminates about twenty percent of THC through urine. Therefore, increasing water intake to two liters or more per day results in frequent urination, which advances the removal of weed from the body.  

Eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fiber and avoidance of junk foods and red meat helps to eliminate weed from one’s system. On estimate, emptying the bowels eliminates sixty-five percent of THC from the body. The consumption of healthy foods such as vegetables and fiber-rich foods speeds up the process of digestion and emptying of the bowel, thereby facilitating its fast removal. Additionally, avoiding the intake of junk foods and red meat is paramount as their high quantities of sugar and salt elicit water retention and slowing of metabolism hence, derailing the elimination of weed.

Smoking weed may bring the desired effects fast; however, there is no fast way of eliminating it from the system. Nevertheless, through its complete avoidance, drinking of more water, exercising and eating healthy foods rich in vegetables and fiber, one can be free of weed.