Hide-Away Storm Shelter – Folding

The Hide-Away® is an innovative, space-saving storm/tornado shelter that can be folded to within 19 inches of a wall, when not in use, and quickly deployed, in just a few seconds, when the need arises. It provides a safe hiding place from storms, and will withstand up to an F-5 rated tornado. Various sizes are available to accommodate a different number of people in the home, business or school. Mike Vogt, President and CEO of Staying Home Corp. said, “Historically, there has been two main obstacles to the storm shelter industry. Traditional units take up too much space, and an assembled unit is very difficult and expensive to ship. The Hide-Away® solves both these problems, and we are very excited about how this product is going to expand the market, and provide safe haven in places where it was not feasible before, for either space or cost reasons. There are several areas of the country where homes do not have basements, like Texas. A person can set one of these up in their garage or on a concrete slab within the finished home. Businesses can install the shelter to provide their employees a safe haven. Condos, apartments, schools – the potential is very high now that we have greatly reduced the space requirements.”

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The Hide-Away® Storm Shelter was tested at the Texas Tech University Wind Science & Engineering Research Center (WiSE) to withstand Debris Impact per the design criteria of the ICC 500 “ICC/NSSA Standard For The Design and Construction of Storm Shelters”, FEMA 320 “Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business”, and FEMA 361 “Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms” Guidelines. The test included multiple impacts by a 15 lb. wood 2″x4″ propelled at 100 mph for horizontal impacts as produced by a missile propelled horizontally by a 250 mph ground speed tornado. The maximum resultant deflection imposed on the Hide-Away Storm Shelter was a 3/4 inch deflection. The testing criteria allows a maximum deflection of 3 inches.

This test was conducted at the WiSE Facility by Mr. Larry Tanner, P.E., Research Associate Manager, Debris Impact Test Facility on April 5, 2013. See the testing video below:

View a 3D rendering of the Hide-Away Storm Shelter: