Kansas School for Blind Installation

he Kansas State School for the Blind spent over two years searching for a solution for keeping our students safe in the event of a tornado that would fit into an existing building, accommodate 150+ students and staff, and be cost effective. We found that solution with Staying Home. Their prefabricated structure was delivered and installed, at a competitive cost, in three days by a crew who was polite and professional. The crew treated the building with care, protecting floors from the heavy loads, and cleaned everything up when finished. We deeply appreciate Staying Home and the entire staff who could not have been more cooperative and dependable.

John Martello,Chief Operating Officer
Kansas State School for the Blind

This project started about 2 ½ years ago for the Kansas State Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Staying Home Corp Hide-A-Way Shelter was awarded the contract, and we set forth to confirm drawings, options & installation time frame & logistics.

We installed the shelter over weekends & during Thanksgiving week as there would be no students there at that time frame. With proper planning and clear direction the shelter was installed in 3 days.

Thanks to all you for your help in making this campus far more safe. We will be ready for that tornado they are talking about in December this year as well as the future. Happy Thanksgiving to all you as well