Vertical Platform Lift

• Rust-free aluminum construction w/stainless steel fasteners
• Modular tower design – stockable flexible solution
• Adjustable tower height - in the field
• Adjustable platform size - in the field
• Reversible gates - in the field
• Reduced freight due to smaller towers
• Can now buy back used units because of flexible, modular design
• Battery operation runs off 2 - 12v batteries
• Optional Solar system for remote locations - no electrician required
• Smooth, quiet ride via cable-drum system

• Aluminum construction
• Battery operation 15 to 20 trips with no recharge
• Adjustable tower height in the field
• Optional acrylic windows in guard rails
• Reversible gates
• Lift height up to 12 ft
• 750 lbs capacity
• 3/8in aircraft cable drive
• Meets ANSI A18.1
• Wireless Call/Sends
• Powder coat finish
• AWS certified construction
• Proudly made in the USA!!

Solar Options:
• High efficiency MPPT Solar Charge Controller for off-grid applications
• Innovative MPPT technology with high tracking efficiency up to 99%.
• MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
• 4-stage battery charging algorithm (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization)
• Electronic protection: Overcharging, over-discharging, overload and short circuit.
• Controller monitors battery temperature and makes optimal adjustments
• 3 separate circuit breakers: Solar Panel-Controller, Battery Bank-Controller and Controller-Lift
• Error Codes are indicated on built in LCD screen for easy troubleshooting weather-resistant controller enclosure.
• Designed for combination of weather resistance and heat dissipation.
• LED meters on outside of enclosure display voltage of Solar Panel and Lift batteries.
• Lockable disconnect
• Knock-out mounting hole patterns for mounting to 2-3/8” diameter pole or wall mount.
• 25’ of cable provided between Controller and Lift with sealed no strip easy-splice connector.
• If Controller is not mounted next to Solar Panel, PV cable extensions are optional (up to 300’ max.), includes sealed MC4 disconnects.
• 8’ galvanized pole for mounting Solar Panel and Controller Enclosure.
• Adjustable aluminum brackets allow for optimal adjustment of direction and seasonal solar tilt.
• Heavy duty cover

VPL Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift
Powered VPL Wheelchair Lift
Optional solar powered system is ideal for remote locations and where it's not feasible to run electrical power. It also eliminates the need for hiring an electrician for installation.

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