Vertical Platform Lift

• Aluminum construction - corrosion resistant
• Battery operated: able to operate during loss of power
• Quiet, smooth operation, unlike other lifts
• Made in U.S.A.
• Longest warranty
• Solar powered option for remote locations

• Commercial/Residential
• Lift height up to 14 ft
• 750 lb. capacity
• Elevator cable drive
• 3/8 inch aircraft quality cable
• Meets ANSI A18.1
• Wireless Call/Sends
• Powder coat finish
• AWS certified construction
• ADA Compliant

VPL Wheelchair Lift Vertical
VPL Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift
Powered VPL Wheelchair Lift
Optional solar powered system is ideal for remote locations and where it's not feasible to run electrical power. It also eliminates the need for hiring an electrician for installation.